The Radiomarathon constitutes a great example of voluntary commitment both outstanding individuals as well as common people of all ages, residing in Cyprus and in any other place with Greek communities, towards those children who are facing life with a fighting spirit, determination and passion.

Through multi-famous events, the Radiomarathon sensitizes and informs the public on the issues regarding the children with special needs, thereby facilitating the change of mentality towards this problems and the reintegration of these persons in the society at large. In parallel, it collects substantial material sources that will help render this problem less acute.



1990. 8-9 October

The Radiomarathon is the outcome of the collaboration of Radio Super and the Popular Bank. The first radio speakers were Christos Michaelides and Robert Kamassa. The first guests of honour were Antonis Samarakis and Mairy Chronopoulou. The first events were the small bazaar at the Amphitheatre of the School of the Blind and the inspiration march by the reporters of Radio Super Andreas Paraschos and Aristides Viketos who decided to walk to Limassol accompanying two paraplegic persons, Nicholas and Toula, and a group of unknown volunteers. The result: C£332.374 and a new Radiomarathon of love lasting 36 hours. The beginning had just been achieved.


1991.  8-9 October

The Radiomarathon is organised on a Cyprus wide scale. The guests of honour this year are Antonis and Eleni Samaraki and Mary Chronopoulou. An amount of C£160.000 is collected which is spent on the creation of «Elica», the first home of children with special needs.


1992.  9-10 November

Following the closedown of Radio Super, the official organizers of this annual event are the Popular Bank and CBC. For the first year, local radio stations throughout Cyprus participate transmitting the messages of the Radiomarathon to every Cypriot house. Eleven kiosks are set up on an island wide-scale, accepting money for the relief of the needs of our follow human beings. Guests of honour this year were Tania Tsanaklidou, the poet Demetris Iatropoulos and the journalist katerina karayianni. An amount of C£450.000 was collected. The people of Cyprus confirmed once again their generosity.


1993.  8-9 November

The events become more and more numerous. The cyclist Michalis Agrotis covers a distance of 300 kilometres collecting money on the way. «Pericles Demetriou» club organizes a Marathon run from Troodos square to Nicosia. The number of Kiosks rise to 21. Two motor-vehicle money-boxes visit all districts. Eminent artists contribute in their own way. For the first year Cypriot expatriates contribute to the campaign through the LGR (Local Greek Radiostation). Result: C£728.000


1994.  7-8 Νοvember

Τhe number of kiosks rises to 24 and the motor-vehicle money-boxes are now 4. For the first time, a sports fiesta is organized at Lefkotheon and an art event takes place at Eleftheria Square. Guests of honour for this year are the Cypriot Composer Marios Tokas, Margarita Zorpala and Liana Kanelli. We also have as sponsors the European Popular Bank and the Cypriots and Greeks of Australia. The total funds collected amounted to C£962.000.


1995.  30-31 October

The number of volunteers, individuals and organisations, are steadily rising. A motorcycle competition is organized by the Motorcycle Federation, a bicycle competition is organised by the Bicycle Association of APOEL as well as a sports fiesta. Cypriot expatriates in South Africa actively participate in the Radiomarathon. The number of motor-vehicle money-boxes is now 7. For the first time the million barrier is broken, with collections amounting to C£1.068.000


1996.  4-5 November

This year we have with us the group of the Atlanta Olympic Greek Medalists. Pyrros Demas, Akakios Kakiasvili, Nicholas Kaklamanakis, Ioannis Melissanides, Níki Bakogianni, Leonidas Sampanis, Leonidas Kokas, Georgios Tzelilis, Victoras Mitrou, Panagiotis Giannakis and the coach for the weight lifting team Christos Iacovou. The super marathon runner Yiannis Kouros causes excitement never experienced before. Charis Alexiou sings together with Marios Tokas and Constantina «Τhe song of the swallow» causing even more excitement among the public. Οn the revenue side, total donations amounted to C£1.278.000.


1997.  10-11 November

The Radiomarathon expands geographically. Athens, Thessaloniki, London and South Africa join the list. Likewise, Logos, Radio Proto and the Greek Radio-TV Station SKY. The guests of honour are numerous: Mina Chimona, Christina Theodoropoulou, George Mataragas, the singers Kaity Garbi, Dionysis Schinas, Margarita Zorbala, Costas Makedonas, and the Greek Olympic weight lifting medallists. The President of the Republic of Cyprus Glafkos Glerides hosts a mini cruise aboard KAITI 2 with all contributions in aid of the Radiomarathon. The total amount reaches C£1.300.000.


1998.  2-3 November

We derive strength to carry on with our struggle from the 4.000 persons who have helped us until today. We now have 54 kiosks and 7 motor-vehicle money-boxes. This year we have on our side the Mayor of Athens Demetris Avraamopoulos, Liana Kanelli and Georgos Chimonetos. An auction takes place of personal items of eminent personalities, among them the Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, we sell as an auction of works of art. Michalis Agrotis once again this year makes the round of Cyprus on his bicycle. Total amount collected: C£1.100.000


1999.  1-2 November

The Radiomarathon is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Carl Louis, the «son of the wind» arrives in Cyprus to contribute to the success of the Radiomarathon. He visits schools throughout Cyprus and talks to students……The money so gathered is donated to the Radiomarathon for Children with special needs. Total receipts: C£1.302.610


2000.  6-7 November

The contribution of almost the entire group of the Greek medallists of the Sydney Olympics 2000 was very important. The Greek athletes could not remain indifferent to the biggest charitable event of Hellenism. Total amount collected: C£1.322.800


2001.  5-6 Νovember

Once again the Radiomarathon has lived up to its fame, as the top notch demonstration of solidarity by our people towards its fellow human beings. It has mobilised thousands of people of all ages who have willingly offered their services thereby conveying the message to the remotest corner of free Cyprus. Amount collected: C£1.210.182


2002.  4-5 November

The Radiomarathon awakes our consciences and reminds us of a social obligation. It offers us the chance to offer and receive love in its most genuine form. The Radiomarathon has touched the hearts of all of us and has established itself as the greatest Feast of Love of the Greek Cypriots. Amount collected: C£1.326.000



In 2003 the total amount of donations exceeded C£1,3m, a record annual amount for the whole period of 14 years in the Radiomarathon´s life. The total amount collected over these 14 years reached C£14m. thereby contributing to the improvement of the quality of life both of the children as well as that of their families.



The 15th Radiomarathon, with the enthusiastic support of hundreds of volunteers –members of the Group´s personnel and of other volunteers collected the record sum of approximately C£1,4m, while at the same time contributing further to the enlightenment-sensitisation of the public on the specific social problem. The presence of the Gold Medalists of the Athens Olympics of 2004, Fani Halkia, Anastasia Tsoumeleka, Demeosthens Tambakos, Thomas Bimis, Elli Mystikidou and the Paraolympics medallists Christos Angourakis and Efthimios Kalaras made a substantial contribution to the success of this year´s Radiomarathon.



For yet another year the massive participation of the Group´s personnel, the hundreds of volunteers and every Cypriot citizen contributed substantially to the realization of the 2005 Radiomarathon´s targets, with the end-result of an amount of C£1,5m. The live broadcast of the 16th Radiomarathon outside the CBC Studios take place for the first time with tremendous success. Personalities like Roula Koromila, Alkistis Protopsalti and Elena Paparizou made a special contribution to this year´s compaign.



The 17th Radiomarathon achieved its 2006 noble aims with aggregate collections amounting to C£1,8m. The presence of several Greek and Cypriot eminent personalities, such as Lefteris Pantazis, Constantina, Thanasis Patras, Constantinos and others was once again a great support to the whole event.



2007 was, perhaps, the best year regarding total contributions to the Radiomarathon, which surpassed all previous records, having amounted to C£2,3m. For yet another year, the enthusiastic participation of volunteers, supporters but also of the organisers, CBC and Laiki Bank, constituted foundation stone for this great success. For yet once more, this year´s Radiomarathon was supported by personalities from Cyprus and Greece, thereby boosting the success of the whole effort.

The CBC live programme was presented by Vicky Hadjivassiliou,



The 19th Radiomarathon, together with the Fair´s of Love, the Exhibition of works of Art, the Flight and the Cruise of Love, the established walks and other events, the programme included-following an agreement with the Cyprus Football Federation the 5th Day of MarfinBank Football Championship.

54 kiosks in all the cities,  14 saving-box vehicles, and 7 military saving-box vehicles together with all the other activities and sponsorships to the collection of the amount of €2.542.842.  For yet another year the revenue of the Radiomarathon will benefit more than two thousand children with special needs, as well a series  of institutions and voluntary organisations, which provide to them care, employment, education and entertainment.  The live broadcast on CBC was presented by Vicky Papavasiliou.



A special page in its history was recorded by the 20th Radiomarathon, which included a particularly rich programme  of event, with reference to the  primers of this great history of love and offer.  In a difficult economic environment, receipts exceeded  €2,4 million.  A special moment in the 20th Radiomarathon was the visit to the Central Kiosk in Nicosia  of Prime Minister George Papandreou  who was on an official visit to Cyprus.



With tens of events culminating in the three-day period of 24-26 October and with the active participation of thousands of volunteers, the 21st Radiomarathon Manager to collect donations amounting to €2.320,000 .  Cumulatively until today the Radiomarathon has offered assistance to children with special needs, their families and the foundations providing to them education, care, employment and entertainment amount to €34.849.300,00.




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